Feb 3-5, 2012 – Ontario Engineering Competition 2012

The Ontario Engineering Competition 2012 plans to focus on urban sprawl and sustainability of new suburban developments.

OEC 2012 emphasizes that engineers are leaders and global thinkers. Not only do we have the responsibility to improve society with technical knowledge and practical skills, we must consider political, economic, and societal repercussions of our decisions.

The Ontario Engineering Competition is a provincial level competition hosted annually and is attended by all 16 institutes in Ontario with Accredited Engineering Programs. This year, it will be hosted at the University of Toronto from February 3rd to 5th of 2012. The students compete in six categories which address entrepreneurship as much as technicality. We would like to offer you the opportunity to become part of this prominent event here at the No.1 Engineering School in Canada.

Please visit www.oec2012.ca/partnership.html if you would like a Partnership Package.

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Andy Chen
Ontario Engineering Competition 2012
University of Toronto
W: http://www.oec2012.ca
C: (647) 898 2938

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