NineSigma RFP: Protecting Surfaces from Corrosion

NineSigma-Hi-ResNineSigma, representing a Fortune 500 Company, invites proposals describing processes, modifications, treatments, coatings or additives that can increase a surface’s resistance to corrosion

Corrosion is the result of material degradation from chemical reactions with its environment. This is most commonly observed as electrochemical oxidation of a metal by an oxidant such as oxygen or water. Corrosion is a common mode of mechanical failure of structures and products made from metals and it is estimated that cost of corrosion is roughly equal to 3.1% of the US GDP or ~$500 Billion. There is an incredible need for advancements enabling the improved protection of metal surfaces from corrosion.

NineSigma’s client produces metal products with surface area ranging from 1.5 in2 to 60 in2 per unit that are formed into complex geometries. The goal of the project is to identify new or improved mechanisms for protecting metal surfaces from the environmental factors that lead to corrosion to enhance their durability and lifespan.

The successful technology will enable the protection of metal surfaces from corrosion and:

  • Be effective and durable at thicknesses less than 20um
  • Be generally inert
  • Be capable of scale up to production within one year after proof of feasibility
  • Be cost effective on high volume production for metal with a surface area ranging from 1.5 in2 to 60 in2 per unit (e.g., each equipment can process a minimum of 3000 pieces per hour)
  • Be compliant with environmental and safety regulations (e.g., REACH, ROHS, ELV)
  • Provides good adhesion to the substrate if a coating

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved formulations for sacrificial coatings
  • Advanced sacrificial coatings
  • Active or passive barrier coatings
  • Other deposition materials or processes
  • Surface modifications
  • Non-exotic metal alloy formulations

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