Using BlockChain in the Startup Community

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Using Blockchain in the Startup Community Through Partnership with ValidCert Inc.

Altitude Accelerator is proud to be partnering with ValidCert Inc., a Canadian Blockchain company, to implement a Digital Certification Platform that will enable entrepreneurs a safe and trusted means to connect with partners and prospective investors.  The Altitude Accelerator will also use the platform to provide Digital Certificates for program completion for the different stages of the startup lifecycle. Each entrepreneur will have access to their own Private Data Room where they can upload and share confidential information (by invite only) with their collaborators and the investment community.  RIC clients can access the ValidCert portal here.

The Altitude Accelerator will invite existing entrepreneurs and graduates from the Incubator program to use the platform to showcase their accomplishments to attract investors globally.

“Creating a due diligence room using blockchain is a great way to ensure private and confidential exchange of information for companies involved in an investment event,” said Shirley Speakman, Senior Partner Cycle Capital and Chair of Altitude Accelerator.

ValidCert Inc. is a Canadian blockchain company that is focused on utilizing their platform to create an “Internet of Trust” eco-system.

Growing the Canadian Innovation Economy

Incubators and Accelerators play a key role in growing the Canadian innovation economy by providing tools and expertise to help them be successful. Due to an increase in the number of Incubators and Accelerators there is a lot of information that is distributed among many different forums.

“We at ValidCert Inc. want Incubators and Accelerators to leverage our platform to ensure that the teachings and learnings of the programs they offer are displayed and shared in a safe and trustworthy manner.” states Sanjay Khanna, CEO and Co-Founder of ValidCert Inc. “An objective of ours is how we can work with our start-up community to attract local and global investments. We are committed to grow and support the Canadian Innovation and start-up economy.”

ValidCert Inc. is also focused on other markets including Canadian colleges and universities, and international professional and educational institutes.

“We are working on the path to implement the platform at Canadian Universities along with private business schools in the United States, India, Singapore and China where an objective is to provide their graduates an opportunity to work and further their education in Canada and/or in other countries.”

“COVID-19 has made many of us look and adapt to new ways to work remotely which is an ongoing learning experience for many. We want to ensure our solution is not just another “badging” platform but creates a personal experience for all users and is transferrable to other industries and sectors that the global economy relies on.” Explains Sanjay Khanna, CEO/ Co-Founder of ValidCert Inc. “Digital Credentials and information, such as contracts and records, need to be validated and kept secure especially within a Supply Chain network.”

“We are very fortunate to have been approached by the Altitude Accelerator to implement this platform and start our journey. The ValidCert Inc. team worked diligently and collaboratively to ensure we met the requirements and added value for the Altitude Accelerator. For this, I am very proud and happy to be part of a team where we are focused on diversity and inclusion.”

The only way to make a change is to start a change and what better way than with Pam Banks and her team at the Altitude Accelerator!”

Why Is Altitude Accelerator providing a Secure Private Data Room to its entrepreneurs?

  • Centralizing information helps entrepreneurs get to market faster. 
  • Ensure potential investors have a trusted and validated source of information. 
  • Continue to build and protect their brand. 
    • Reduces risk of fraud and cyber threats to information
    • Startups on the platform have completed programs/training/mentorship. 
  • Reports to demonstrate usage, investments and course completion  

What this means for Current and Past Altitude Accelerator Clients

  • Provides existing and past graduates a “place” to market their accomplishments.
  • Access to a validated certificated and data room to share and track potential investment opportunities.
  • Consolidate all of their confidential information in a trusted platform represented by the Altitude Accelerator

Expediting the Process for Investors

  • Increased confidence that the information they are invited to view is accredited by the Altitude Accelerator
  • Easy to access information
  • Savings of time and resources during the due diligence process
  • Ability to focus on the industry sectors of their interest

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Sanjay Khanna, CEO/Co-Founder of ValidCert Inc.

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