Mobii System: Ultra-Low Latency Video Delivery

Mobii System Ultra-Low Latency Video Delivery

Mobii Systems specializes in scalable live video delivery solutions at ultra-low latency speeds. Their media services solutions let anyone deliver time-synchronized video anywhere around the world in speeds that can reach under 1 second in latency.

The specialty is offering backbone video delivery and sport performance analytics for Major League Rugby teams.

By simplifying complex processes, the innovative and revolutionary technology powers real-time data and video integration that enables engagement for spectators and precision for professionals.

The fan experience is enhanced while broadcasting technology is improved.

Joining Altitude Accelerator  

Mobii selected the Brampton Innovation District for their expansion into North America and joined the Incubator program.

“The Incubator program provided clarity in strategizing sales, public relations, and customer experience. On a tactical level, it also played an important role for us in developing playbooks and focused tactics specific to our business and its audience,” said Gastón Porte, head of Global Marketing at Mobii System.

The highlight of Mobii’s startup journey has been the successful deployment of its innovative technology solutions to prestigious clients like World Rugby champions, SA Rugby and Major League Rugby.

This was done while engaging as partners with Microsoft Azure to deliver the fastest live streaming technology in the world.

Advice for Entrepreneurs  

Mobii has assembled a team of experienced hardware and software engineers specialized in high-performance server architecture and electronics design, as well as experts in sports analytics, user experience and in overall, digital technology.

“The biggest learning lesson for Mobii’s management team has been the importance of staying agile, adapting to changing market conditions, and constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition,” said Porte, head of Global Marketing at Mobii System.

“The top piece of advice for entrepreneurs is to stay focused on their goals, while being nimble enough to recognize and adapt to new market opportunities, all the while persevering through challenges and setbacks.”

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