The Innovation City – Toronto’s Commitment to Research and Development

By: Mobolade Ekujumi

The Innovation City is a 2 day gathering of business and government decision makers in Toronto which was held on July 18th and 19th, 2012. We began our post-event coverage on Monday with the blog about urban city planning noting lessons from IBM Chief Technology Officer, Global Public Sector, Guru Banavar. Another compelling speaker whose work we would like to showcase is Dr. Arvind Gupta.

Dr. Arvind Gupta is a professor of Computing Science at the University of British Columbia, and the CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs. He chairs the Mitacs Research Management Committee and is a member of the Mitacs Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Dr Arvind reminds #innovationcity that asking different, good questions is the key to innovation.

In the previous Innovation City cover, Dr. Guru pointed out that Innovation is what will make cities sustainable. Toronto is rated amongst the top 10 most innovative cities in the world. The city is also rated the 4th best place to launch a tech company. This acclaim is made possible, and accelerated for Torontonian innovators because of programs like Mitacs. Mitacs is a national research network which connects academia, industry and the public sector to develop tools for Canada’s knowledge-based economy.  Mitacs inspires innovation offering a suite of research and training programs which enable companies to connect with top Canadian and international researchers.

Mitacs programs include

  • Accelerate – Canada’s premiere research internship program connecting companies with over 50 research-based universities through graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Elevate – Supporting recent PhD graduates to work on a joint industry-academia research project
  • Globalink – A program that introduces Canada as a world-leading research and innovation destination to top undergraduate students from around the world
  • Enterprise –  Comprehensive, career-development program that gives graduates of science, technology, engineering and math the opportunity to build their business skills
  • Step – Training graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in essential interpersonal, project management and entrepreneurial skills
  • Outreach – A program making science and mathematics compelling for children – through games and online quizzes

Mitacs has welcomed over 270 undergraduate students from India, China, Brazil and Mexico to 28 Canadian universities from coast to coast for Globalink 2012; a summer research internship program.

Watch the video below to see the faces of Globalink 2012.

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