Todd Grierson

Position: Business Advisor, Growth Expert and Coach | Grierson Consulting Inc

There are several moving parts to running a successful business. Most companies have areas of their business that run seamlessly while operating around a few critical issues that block their potential for success.

But here’s the thing, when you ask the right questions, the opportunities are usually hidden in the details. You just have to know where to spot them.

As a business mentor and growth expert I help owners and leaders of small to medium-sized businesses think bigger, focus on what matters and improve the way they operate. I know what questions to ask and what details to look for to clearly identify what’s really standing in the way.

In fact, I have developed an entire process called the Opportunity Matrix to help you and your team create an action plan to streamline your company’s performance to increase your profitability, efficiency and value. The success of our plan may include training, on site support and guidance. Basically, whatever it takes to ensure you win!

My process is the result of over 25 years of operations, procurement, sales, marketing, leadership and strategic planning experience – as both a leader and business owner. For example, I purchased Elmira Poultry a company I once worked for and developed a strategic plan, shared a clear vision our employees stood behind, standardized the operating procedures and improved our technology and manufacturing capacity. Within 6 years our sales grew from $29 million $50 million and then sold the company. Since then I have gone on to help other businesses and have developed a proven frame work that gets results.

If you have questions about your business, my approach or simply want to uncover a few opportunities in the details let’s connect!

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing; Agricultural Technology; Food and Beverage; Marketing; Operations; Sales