Lyle Clarke

Position: President & C.E.O, Lyle Clarke & Associates Inc.
Categories: Cleantech, Industry Advisors

Main Industries:  Clean technologies

Areas of Expertise:  Sustainability, Commercialization,
Strategic alliances


Lyle Clarke is a “clean tech” specialist focusing on recycling, waste recovery, resource conservation and management. He also advises product manufacturers, retailers and others with an interest in recycling, sustainability, and product stewardship.

The consumer products business has undergone profound change. Government-mandated recycling and product stewardship programs that reached Canada almost fifteen years ago continue to grow, doubling costs every few years. At the same time, intense competition is restricting margins and market share, necessitating diligent cost control throughout the supply chain.

The pressure to improve environmental performance will continue to intensify, and precipitate continual change. Success will flow to those that understand where change is leading, what impact it will have, and how best to respond. Lyle Clarke is uniquely capable of helping his clients understand how pressures for environmental change impact business, to craft and execute effective strategies to manage risk and control costs, and to leverage innovation to exploit new opportunities.

Lyle has extensive knowledge accumulated over many years in the retail sector, as a Board Director for Waste Diversion Ontario and Stewardship Ontario, and most recently as the head of Stewardship Ontario, one of Canada’s leading product stewardship organizations. Lyle has spearheaded many innovative changes that generated new opportunities for companies that collect, recycle and manage resources; he has attracted substantial new investment to the sector, and he has saved Canadian and global retailers and packaged goods companies many millions of dollars.