MEDJCT Collaborative Webinar Series

Navigating Through Turbulent Times (Finances, Overheads, Lean Operations)

In special collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development Job Creation and Trade, Altitude Accelerator along with Innovation Factory, ventureLAB, and Haltech bring you the following four seminars.

1. Navigating through Turbulent Times: Finances, Overheads, Lean Operations 

2. HR and Labour Considerations during the COVID-19 Crisis 

3. Cybersecurity and Privacy Trends in Canada 

4. Leveraging e-Commerce Channels to to Generate Revenue

Altitude Accelerator: Navigating through Turbulent Times

Presented by: Steven Karpenko, Senior Business Advisor at the Ministry of Economic Development, Job creation and Trade

This seminar presents a checklist for evaluating turnaround opportunities in your company and the mindset to scale back operations, manage overheads and operate lean to prepare for the recovery.

Innovation Factory: HR and Labour Considerations

Presented by: Anchor HR Services Inc and Sherrard Kuzz LLP

This seminar will review legal considerations and effective practices for employee communication during the COVID-19 crisis. Topics include: what employers need to know from the legal perspective, what other employers are doing to respond to COVID-19, how to effectively communicate and support employees, and contingency planning in uncertain and challenging times.

ventureLab: Cybersecurity

Presented by: Carlos Chalico, Cybersecurity and Privacy Leader for the Private Sector, EY

This seminar will help you understand what cybersecurity and privacy are, comprehend the challenges we are going through today and why these concepts are relevant. You will learn where Canada is on these topics and identifying actions your organization can take now in light of the most recent challenges imposed by the different tactics deployed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Haltech: Leveraging e-Commerce Channels to Generate Revenue

Presented by: Geekspeak Commerce

In this seminar, you’ll learn key considerations in exploring eCommerce as a new sales channel, your options in terms of marketplaces or owned eCommerce sites, how to optimize your content for successful selling, and more. Topics include: key considerations when exploring e-commerce, how brick & mortar and e-commerce compare, the e-commerce ecosystem, market places and direct-to-consumer websites, merchandising your products or services online, going mobile, and how to get started today.

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