Marketing Lessons From the Trenches – Highlights of YEC12

Arqam Iqbal Pasha

The Young Entrepreneur Challenge hosted by the Digital Enterprise Management Society at UTM was a treat for both entrepreneurs and students. Stretching over two days, this event brought the brightest minds together and gave young entrepreneurs the opportunity to both learn and connect. Ian Carnivalle, a participant of the YEC 2012 and founder of Learnville, described it as “a fantastic learning experience and a great way to meet like minded people in one place”. The speakers at YEC focused on how different aspects of a business, mainly marketing, design, strategy and development come together to form an integral part of the innovation process.

One of the speakers, John Macdonald, an advisor at RIC, enlightened the audience with the following marketing lessons:
1. Most tech based firms fail to take user requirements into account, thus their products fail to satisfy the users.

2. Firms should learn to love niche markets and, when possible, expand to adjacent markets or grow their market.

Arqam is an undergrad student and the University of Toronto, Mississauga.  He is currently enrolled in the CCIT program pursuing a specialist in Digital Enterprise Management.  Arqam is a student intern with the Altitude Accelerator acting as Assisting Communications Officer.

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