Kabuk Law: Revolutionizing the Way You Find a Lawyer

By: Billy Vrbensky, Altitude Accelerator Communications Intern

Have you ever been in legal trouble before? Did you have trouble working out the legalities of a marital separation or find difficulties in acquiring permanent residency for your recently immigrated relatives? In either situation, you had to find the right lawyer to represent you and find them fast.

The ability to connect with legal representatives who fit your needs and effectively solve your legal issues becomes a daunting challenge without any sort of program designed to connect you with the right professionals.

Official Kabuk Law LogoKabuk Law takes away that burden. The leading source for finding legal help, Kabuk Law is an online platform that connects people with legal representatives that they need and enables them to schedule appointments directly online. Not only can you book appointments online and reschedule them instantly, you can also read testimonials about legal professionals to find out if they were successful in representing others who shared similar cases.

Kabuk Law makes it easy to find legal experts who cater towards specific niches and are within a reasonable distance of your location. You can view lawyer profiles to get a quick snapshot of their legal background and qualifications in the industry and book appointments with them directly online based on their available business hours.

On the other hand, lawyers can increase their online presence and grow their clientele base by attracting more of the right clients they want to represent.

The Altitude Accelerator selected Kabuk as part of its Incubator Cohort between January and July 2015. Kabuk moved into one of Altitude Accelerator’s five startup offices to operate out of and receive support from entrepreneurs-in-residence, networking and educational workshops, and several other valuable services.

kabuk1To really drive needed change, entrepreneurs can’t operate in isolation,” says Asha Soares, co-founder of Kabuk Law. We need the support of early adopters, thought leaders, fellow-entrepreneurs and awesome mentors. Communities of innovation like the Altitude Accelerator provide us with the infrastructure needed to bring all the right people and resources together to support change.”

The Altitude Accelerator connected Kabuk to a pool of business strategists and experienced entrepreneurs to assess their startup and help them figure out ways to effectively commercialize it. John MacDonald, entrepreneur-in-residence at the Altitude Accelerator, introduced the founders of Kabuk to prospective clients and potential partnerships, helped them enhance their presentation skills to new bounds, while constantly helping refine their strategy to be as effective as possible in today’s changing ICT marketplace.

“The staff at the Altitude Accelerator really cares about its companies and have gone out of their way to connect us to the right people to move our business forward,” as explained in Kabuk’s blog called, Move together like the Borg!

kabuk2Kabuk also participated in Mississauga’s inaugural First Look Event to pitch their idea to a panel of angel investors looking to invest in high potential startups. These new connections in addition to biweekly team meetings with business experts at the Altitude Accelerator helped Kabuk brainstorm creative and collaborative ideas on the path to market launch.

The Altitude Accelerator wishes Kabuk all the best as they continue their startup journey at the Ryerson DMZ Legal Innovation Zone and implement their innovative technology within the legal community!

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