Johnson Controls Automotive Invites Tech Proposals

Johnson Controls Automotive, a global leader in automotive seating and interior components, invites you to submit technology proposals to address some of their perennial Needs. JCA has a total of 28 needs currently available on ninesights and one such need is outlined below:

“Additive for Adhesives to Accelerate Microwave Radiation Curing”


  • An additive for adhesives that accelerates curing via microwave radiation

What we are looking for:

  • An additive that increases the attenuation and dissipation of microwave energy within PUR hotmelt, APAO glue, hot melt and water based glue

Key Success Criteria:

  • The glue must adhere to the following types of materials: Polypropylene, ABS/Polycarbonate, PET, natural fiber (kenaf, jute or hemp) and/or wood fiber mats.
  • The additive must be added to the glue by the glue manufacturer/supplier.


  • The advantages of microwave heating include volumetric (inside-out) heating, high selectivity, direct and fast heating, and high controllability as well as the potential for stronger bonds. For most conventional adhesive bonding applications, parts are heated with conduction or convection. The production cycle is long due to the difficulty in heating poor thermal conductors like polymers.
  • Additives that could accelerate the process include carbon coal powder and graphene.

How to Respond:

  • Please use the red Respond Now button on the right in order to submit your idea, submission or proposal. We recommend including a concise abstract detailing your submission and attaching your proposal and any supplemental documents. Please note that only non-confidential responses can be accepted.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this posting, post in the Johnson Controls – Automotive Featured Gallery, or the NineSights Community Help and Feedback areas.
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