Understanding the Internet of Me: When the Consumer becomes the Electronics

“The future is more advanced than we realize.” That’s a conclusion Matt Anderson, of Arrow Electronics, shared with a Wired magazine reporter in January 2018 for an article about IoMe, the Internet of Me.”  “It’s the next evolution of the connected world,” Anderson concludes. In the near future, technologies “will integrate with our DNA. Imagine tech working in your body at a biological level. Your body could express itself on its own without you having to be in charge, to deliver more happiness, better health, whatever you truly need and want.”

Anderson is the Chief Digital Officer at Arrow Electronics, a fortune 500 company that specializes in distribution and value-added services relating to electronic components and computer products. The company’s business is dependent on its ability to understand where the world is going and what society’s needs will be.

Arrow is a foundation partner at “Driving Dreams: The Internet of Me.” It is a one-day conference being held at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus on July 12.  The conference presents an incredible roster of keynote speakers and panelists. They will expand attendee’s understanding of the future Anderson spoke about to that Wired magazine reporter.

Anderson’s point in the interview was “we are going to need to rethink everything.” At Driving Dreams: The Internet of Me the speakers bring clarity to what that means in healthcare, mobility at both the personal and societal levels, and in the workplace with the introduction of new processes and materials.

“Non-technical people who have never touched an IC or written code or used the cloud need access to this technology,” says Anderson.  “Think of how much the world changed when the printing press brought knowledge to the masses. We need a way to democratize technical knowledge in a similar way.”

The list of speakers for the IoMe conference includes Aiden Mitchell, VP IoT Global Solutions for Arrow Electronics, Greg Dashwood, Microsoft product lead for IoT and many more world class speakers. Follow this link for the whole list.

Matt Anderson’s interview about IoMe was timed for publication in advance of CES, the worlds largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Anderson makes the point that “today, people go to trade shows to see electronics. In a few years, the attendees will be the electronics.”

About Matt Anderson 

Matt Anderson is a Marketing leader with distinctive abilities in examining marketing trends that will then successfully carry out strategies to achieve organizational goals. With over 20 years of qualified skills in increasing marketing shares, retaining key clients and also exceeding revenue targets and much more, Anderson has made his name as a reputable Marketing Manager.  

Anderson has a wide range of understanding in all aspects of business development— whether it is the creative and technical side of marketing, or customer relationship management and acquisition strategies. He has made an impact on organizations such as the University of Southern Queensland, Origin Energy, ENERGEX and more. 

Currently, Anderson also obtained the position as the President and Chief Director of Arrow Electronics where he is able to understand electronics with a contemporaneous and also futuristic perspective. 

About Aiden Mitchell

Aiden Mitchell is a Marketing and Sales professional with several years of experience in the field, while also attaining positions in  EMEA and Asia-Pacific Regions, North America, and also the United States.

Mitchell specializes in Operational and Business General Management, Channel Sales and lastly, Business Development Product Marketing. 

About Greg Dashwood

Greg Dashwood leads IoT for Microsoft Canada and is responsible for the business strategy, go to market and ecosystem development for all Microsoft IoT endeavors across the country. An industrial engineer by education and a 10 year veteran at Microsoft Canada across a number of roles including analytics, operations and marketing strategy, Greg is uniquely positioned to provide the latest insights on what is really happening with Internet of Things in Canada and North America.


Driving Dreams: IoMe
Thursday, July 12, 2018
8:30AM – 5:00PM

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