How Brampton is investing in its future

Cross Border Angels and Experts is a global network that connects startups to investors, advisors and potential customers. CBA Catalysts is a new program that helps cities around the world start building an angel investor ecosystem. The program aspires to create a highly intellectual & resourceful group of community influencers CBA calls Catalysts.  

Most recently, Brampton was selected as one of three cities to take part in the CBA Catalysts program. 

Ashwin Sanzgiri, Vice President of the Scaale Group and Cross Border Angels, writes, “[Brampton] is home to nine thousand businesses and the major clusters include manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade. According to Statistics Canada, Brampton placed 7th in the country for total construction value in 2016, generating $2 billion in investment. And here comes the best stat, Brampton is the youngest City in Canada, with an average age of 36.5 years!” 

“This reality got us thinking at CBA and we decided it’s the perfect time to introduce our Catalysts program” 

On July 18, CBA Catalysts officially launched in Brampton where six startups had the opportunity to pitch their businesses. This included Altitude Accelerator clients, JustWealth, Bridesmade, Job AdX and Notetonic 

The arrival of this investor group is big news for Brampton. The city is planning on turning its downtown core into an innovation hub and CBA Catalysts will play a vital role in that. 

Daniel Bishun, from the City of Brampton, says, “We have a strong vision of the future of Brampton and we have to start laying the foundation for it now. We need investors, mentors and corporations to help grow innovative and new businesses. The partnership with CBA Catalysts will be a key part of our startup ecosystem now and in the years to come.”

Brampton’s downtown core transformation

Last year, the City of Brampton announced the arrival of a new university campus that will reshape its downtown core. The province has committed $90 million to a Ryerson-Sheridan campus that will be an integral part of the innovation hub being built in the city. Brampton’s City Council is also set to invest up to $150 million for the campus and redevelopment of the downtown core. 

The partners are working together to combine learning, applied research, innovation and commercialization in a National Centre for Cybersecurity. A recent economic impact study articulated how these developments will spark jobs, investment, reputational and social benefits – in Downtown and across the city – bringing new opportunities for residents and transforming Brampton. 

The university campus, opening in 2022, will bring new tech talent to the area’s businesses. The partnership with CBA Catalysts will create new avenues of funding for the city’s startups. It can help build and retain innovative businesses in the area. 

City of Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey added, “Brampton has a thriving entrepreneurial community, and there are more exciting projects coming up that will only add to the ecosystem, like a pilot incubator and the new Ryerson campus downtown. The timing is perfect and the opportunities immense for a new Brampton-focused angel investors group.” 



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