GreenSky Accelerator Fund makes first investment in Cyclica Inc.

88431b5dd05b1e90847e42adef0f6769_LToronto, ON — August 11, 2015

The newly launched GreenSky Accelerator Fund I, LP (“the Fund”) is excited to announce that it has closed an investment with Toronto, Ontario based Cyclica Inc.The investment in Cyclica Inc. is the Fund’s first investment.

Using Ligand Express™, its proprietary computational analysis technology, Cyclica develops better and safer pharmaceutical drugs, nutraceuticals ingredients, and personal care products. Cyclica has developed a robust data integration platform that simulates the interaction of compounds (e.g. drug candidates, nutraceuticals, and personal care products) with all aspects of human biology (i.e. all known proteins) far more accurately than other in silico technologies. Cyclica CEO Paul Angelico commented, “We are excited to be the first investee of the GreenSky Accelerator Fund.  This investment, along with potential co-investment from angel investors of the GreenSky President’s Club and limited partners of the Fund, will complete our Seed financing.  With major clients on board, a full sales pipeline, and this funding, Cyclica is well-positioned for accelerated growth.”

The Fund, which leverages GreenSky Capital Inc.’s significant deal flow and investing network to invest in early-stage Canadian CleanTech and IT opportunities, will co-invest with other sources of private and institutional capital, including the GreenSky President’s Club.

About GreenSky Capital Inc.
GreenSky Capital is a boutique corporate finance advisory firm based in Toronto, delivering customized financial solutions to small and medium sized businesses. GreenSky mandates are long-term partnerships with high growth potential companies and dedicated entrepreneurs where GreenSky supports the execution of strategic transitional events.  GreenSky principals bring together a unique combination of experience in operations, investment banking and private equity. As an operator’s investment bank, GreenSky has the ability to bring extensive capital markets experience into a real-world context. GreenSky is focused on business and relationship building as well as the ultimate transaction. See

About the GreenSky Accelerator Fund
The GreenSky Accelerator Fund is a venture capital fund focused on making seed stage investments in high-growth, early-stage Canadian CleanTech and IT opportunities. Through its affiliation with GreenSky Capital Inc., the GreenSky Accelerator Fund has access to a robust network of deal flow and takes an institutional approach to early stage investing.
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About Cyclica Inc.
Cyclica Inc. is a big data and applied analytics company that improves scientific R&D by reducing complex data into high utility insights for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care industries. These pre-clinical analytics and insights/predictions will improve current attrition rates of lead therapeutic compounds, and improve patient outcomes with fewer side effects. Through a partnership with IBM Research, Cyclica is creating vast stores of proprietary data that is useful for analyzing cross reactivity of molecules to assess safety and efficacy. As such, Cyclica risk adjusts development pipelines, and provides actionable analysis to help guide development strategies. For more see:

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