GreenCentre Canada: ONE Chemistry Program

Eligibility and Applicant Criteria

RIC-WS-Logo-GreenGood chemistry is a critical component of most commercial innovations. It is either at the core of a new discovery, a critical component of a new market solution, or a means to improve an existing product or process. Without access to industry networks, capital, market data, and appropriate lab facilities and equipment, valuable innovations may never fulfill their potential to reach the marketplace and improve an industry’s environmental performance or economic efficiency.

The ONE Chemistry Program was created to specifically assist Ontario-based small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs with developing, de-risking, and scaling up their chemistry and materials-based innovations.

As a Sector Innovation Centre within the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), GreenCentre Canada provides an extensive and practical range of sector-focused services at no cost or dilution to the client including, but not limited to, the following:

Concept Development Services

  • Product sample testing
  • Additional technology consulting/assessment services
  • Administrative support

Proof of Concept and Market Analysis

  • Laboratory proof of concept
  • Expanded consulting services and technical/business/network support
  • Business model development and market analysis
  • Employee safety training and safety program development

Product Process Development Services 

  • Provisional patent application filing
  • Laboratory product development
  • Business development
  • Capital planning

Product/Process Launch Services

  • IP strategic support (freedom to operate analysis, patent prosecution management, etc.)
  • Scale-up manufacturing
  • Direct HQP development support
  • Application benchmarking
  • Customer testing
  • Funding development and grant writing support

Some services (particularly non-chemistry-related business services) may also be offered in tandem with services available from other ONE partners in the region.

The ONE Chemistry Program is designed to provide support to SMEs and entrepreneurs currently registered to do business in or intending to relocate/register to develop operations in Ontario. Applicants can be an SME, entrepreneur, or researcher currently conducting research at an academic institution in Ontario and must meet financial-need requirements. GreenCentre will assess each applicant based on the following criteria:

  • Technology strength and potential disruptiveness
  • Current management team
  • Potential benefits to Ontario
  • Potential impact of GreenCentre’s contributions
  • Potential market opportunity
  • Commercial viability of intellectual property position

How to Apply

Please contact Cher Powers for further information related to the application process.

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