Good Robot launches Stove Reminder™ for seniors, caregivers

TORONTO, October 8, 2013 – For Fire Prevention Week, Good Robot Monitoring Inc., a company with the mission to keep seniors living in their own homes longer, announces an exciting new product that alerts seniors and caregivers when a stove has been left on too long.

Stoves, toasters and other cooking equipment are the leading causes of home fires across North America with risks rising exponentially for seniors.

“Research proves that stove safety is a top concern for seniors and their caregivers,” says Good Robot CEO Alan Majer. “This is an important development as we continue to reach our goal of keeping seniors independent for as long as possible. Products like Stove Reminder™ are consistent with our roadmap for a suite of connected smart devices in the home.”

The Stove Reminder™, which sends out audible and visual reminders to seniors when the stove has been left on, retails for only $99.99. Stove Reminder™ is a sensor that wraps around the stove’s electrical cable and monitors how long the stove is on. It is an easy “do-it-yourself” installation. Users receive periodic chimes and visual reminders so they don’t leave the stove on by accident. It requires no effort to operate, and senses stove usage automatically.

“Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of our population and are at risk for stove fires due to the corresponding increase in age-related memory problems and dementia,” says Dr. Sharon Cohen, neurologist and director of Toronto Memory Program, one of Canada’ s largest medical and research facilities for the diagnosis and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

“Practical, affordable assistive devices such as Stove Reminder™ allow individuals to maintain autonomy and self-esteem; Stove Reminder™ is a vast improvement over traditional safety approaches which preclude stove use and prevent seniors from cooking for themselves,“ says Cohen.

Good Robot uses common sense and technology to alert family members when everyday living patterns are different in seniors’ homes. For example, if the refrigerator or medicine cabinet has not been opened or water has not been used then automatic alerts are sent recommending a call or visit to the senior’s home, depending on the level of urgency.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cooking equipment was the leading cause of home fires, responsible for over 150,000 fires annually in the United States alone. In a survey of fire departments by the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFN), 69% said unattended cooking was the key factor. The risk also rises dramatically with age, with seniors accounting for 41% of all stove fire fatalities.

Stove Reminder™ is available for order at, or select Motion Specialties stores across Canada.

About Good Robot:
We’re helping seniors before an incident or emergency occurs. Good Robot makes a low-cost system that automates and monitors a senior’s residence in order to support their independence, and provide peace of mind for caregivers. Good Robot uses technology to monitor openings of home refrigerators, external doors and medicine cabinets, sensors to turn on lights to prevent falls, motion, and more. For as little as $30 a month, Good Robot has several products that allow caregivers to stay in touch remotely, check on status, and ensure the well-being of seniors at home, as well as other products such as automated lighting systems based on motion detectors.

For Good Robot:
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