Episode 12 – Genecis: A Biotech Company Drives Circular Economy

Convert food waste to plastic materials is a brilliant sustainable biotechnology. With that core technology, Genecis builds business strategies to achieve their goal.

About the Episode

A typical misconception is “Everyone can be a successful entrepreneur, provided they have a great idea”. When a startup comes into the market with an excellent idea, they must set up the boundary of the company strategically. One choice is to be vertically integrated. Which requires not only R&D team, but also the production line and management team. Another choice is to partner with existing players and license your technology to them. This requires an agile team and heavily focuses on R&D.

When facing difficulties, Genecis gave up the plan to vertical integrate the company. Genecis build partnerships with companies in waste management, food, and plastic circular areas. Genecis is added to value chains in those areas and successfully pivoted. Listsen to the episode and find more about Genecis’s funding and management strategies, and the entrepreneurial skills of Abdul.

Learn more about Genecis on their website.


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About Host Patrick McGuire

Patrick is a creative entrepreneur, team leader, and Altitude Accelerator board member who has focused on the sales and success of companies including: HR tech, fintech, sports tech, Software-as-a-Service, cannabis (CBD / THC), nutrition, health and wellness, fitness corporations, and business of all sizes with a love for helping business grow and scale from $500k to north of $50m. With an entrepreneurial mindset focused on team-building, his ethical leadership delivers win-win solutions for his companies and clients.