Funding Your Startup with a Kickstarter


What if you could have your entire startup funded in under two hours with one Kickstarter campaign? 

That’s exactly what Altitude Accelerator client Quanta Vici did for their smart heated gloves and socks. In fact, they surpassed their fundraising goal by 1072% within the first month of their launch.

Start with an Innovative Product that Solves a Common Problem

Quanta Vici created the first ever smart heated gloves and socks ensuring your wearables do what they are supposed to – keep you warm.

Quanta Vici’s products feature a proprietary system of built-in sensors that measure the temperature inside the wearable, regulate heat, and maintain your exact, preferred temperature down to the degree. Both the socks and gloves can maintain an exact temperature up to 131 degrees fahrenheit for over six and a half hours.

On top of their intuitive temperature technology, these products are waterproof, have a long-lasting battery and can connect with your smartphone. The sleek design paired with the breathable, lightweight material makes for a unique and functional product.

From your smartphone you can see your current temperature, select a desired temperature, view the battery life, get customer support and also receive anti-lost/anti-theft notifications. 

The smart wearables also support free software updates allowing pre-existing customers to take advantage of new features and enhancements. 

At Quanta Vici, their goal is to create clothing that looks good, feels good and is high-functioning for everyday wear. This goes beyond gloves and socks and we can only imagine that is what they will evolve to in the coming years.

Utilizing Kickstarter for Your Startup

We asked Quanta Vici’s CEO Adrien Beyk, for advice on utilizing Kickstarter for your startup. Here’s what he shared. 

“Kickstarter might be misunderstood as a way to test the market for an idea. Of course, that is part of the purpose this platform serves, however successful campaigns do a great deal of research, preparation, and testing. The proper way of looking at it is as a version of Amazon which lets you have more breathing room to develop/finalize your idea. The buyers are backers, so they care about your story, which means they are a different breed of customers.”

“[Kickstarter] is a lot more work than selling on an e-commerce platform like Amazon,” says Adrien, “a lot of work there [on Kickstarter] is manual. But you have the advantage of tapping into a huge network of early adopters, that is if you follow the process right away.”

Adrien explained that there is really no universal right way for everyone. “At the end of the day, your idea and your product have their own market and you need to learn about all of the strategies, marketing agencies, marketing tools, and so on.”

“There is no way to rely on one source to fully prep you, so you have to be obsessed and in love with your project to find the energy to learn from all sources possible (case studies, networking, testing, etc.)”

What would they have done differently for their crowdfunding campaign?

We asked Adrien what he would do differently, if anything. 

“There is a saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know,’ so I did not know the best agency to work with, the best graphic artists for the job, the best designers, developers, and engineers that I have found and work with now. With the team and resources I built up over the past 4 years working on this project, I could do all this in under 4 months instead of years.

The most amazing finding was how you can utilize Facebook ads and your landing page connected through analytical tools like HotJar, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and MailChimp to test the market and find out if by optimising your marketing approach you are able to hit a ROAS that proves your business is worth launching. Investors often ask: how many units have you sold so far and what is your annual revenue? Even when I told them we have not launched yet.

Having a landing page with some marketing data that proves for X amount of dollars spent, you had Y number of visitors who clicked the buy button, to a strong degree proves whether your business could succeed or not. If you are spending $100 on ads to achieve one sale and production of each unit is, for example, $50 and you are pricing it at $100, then after $100 ad spend + $50 production cost, you have made -$50! That is everyone’s nightmare. So this way you can test that without going all the way and spending years of your time and investment making the thing you want to sell.”

Quanta Vici and Altitude Accelerator

Quanta Vici became a Altitude Accelerator client in November of 2019. Over the past year, Quanta Vici Founder, Adrien Beyk has worked alongside Altitude Accelerator Entrepreneur-In-Residence David Harris Kolada

Quanta Vici and the Future

Quanta Vici’s plan is to revolutionize the idea of clothing/apparel by making it so perfect that all brands would license their technology and allow them to bring Software to Apparel, hence making everything Smart & Connected.

Quanta Vici aims to eventually gain the strength to work with technologies that through wearable experience would expand the spectrum of human senses and abilities. Helping people with disabilities as well as bringing new abilities to others. 

Quanta Vici’s Smart Heated Gloves & Socks are the very beginning to this path. 

For more information on Quanta Vici, you can check out their website here.

To back the project on Kickstarter, you can go here.

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