Free Web 2 App Camp

If you want to create a mobile app from your HTML5 app in just a few easy steps, or are using PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) or Titanium for your apps, join us at the Web 2 App Camp. You will learn how to leverage most of your existing code built for HTML5 on the web, or for iOS and Android, to reach millions of new users and increase your app’s monetization on the Windows Platform.

What’s in it for you?

  • Transform your Web App into a Mobile App: Learn how to use the Web App Template to quickly create Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps with live tiles, charms and offline support.
  • Reach New Users: With 100 million Windows 8 licenses sold in the first six months, and more than 250 million app downloads, you could benefit by reaching across devices from tablets to PCs to all in-ones, all with the same app. Port your app to make money on the Windows platform.
  • Free Tools: Explore the free tools in PhoneGap and Titanium to port your apps. If you are using Mac, get a complimentary iOS starter kit to help port your app. We’ll also provide access to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices so you can test your app.
  • Connect with Experts: Meet with Windows Phone and Windows 8 experts and community leaders to get answers to your technical questions. Also get technical and design guidance to ensure success in the Windows stores.
  • Rewards for Porting: Port your apps and you could earn rewards.* Come in with your project and code, and leave with a new app package for Windows Phone and Windows 8.
  • And there’s more. To make the learning even more fun, we will have a keynote speaker from your community – a PhoneGap core committer, an expert from the HTML5 community, or another local luminary.

The event is free but places are limited, so sign up today!

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