EV Infrastructure Market: Gaps and Opportunities

Podcast About Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

About the episode:

The transition to EV is growing at a rapid pace. Building out an EV infrastructure is a significant challenge – where are the gaps and opportunities? In this discussion,  Carmine Pizzurro, President at eCAMIONPatrick Marion, VP Product Development at Inmotive Inc., and Arthur Kong, Director of Project Development at NGen Canada join our host, Sam Husain, to share their experience in the EV infrastructure market and explore the opportunities.

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Key takeaways:

  • The risks in the supply chain, especially the powertrain suppliers, lead to a long waiting period for customers to get their electric vehicles. 95% of suppliers’ revenue is still from internal combustion engines. Therefore, helping suppliers transition is an urgent need.

  • From an EV charging station manufacturer’s side, building a close connection with their upper stream suppliers is critical, because the supplier power is in the dominant position in the EV market.

  • Increasing in order volume is an effective way to make upper stream suppliers less powerful. Currently, EV battery manufacturers do not have a large volume. But in the foreseeable future, order volume will rise, and risks from the suppliers will be weakened.

  • The manufacturing capability in Ontario can support the market. But there is an information asymmetric – suppliers should understand the demands and actively position themselves to be able to support EV infrastructure manufacturing.

  • For startups in the EV infrastructure space, the concept of a new technology may not be accepted by people – there exists a chasm. That is a challenge for startups, and it requires money to cross the chasm.
Watch the full episode to learn more about EV infrastructure space in Ontario.

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