End the food fight. Eat what you want with Tossdown.

We live in a world dominated by restaurants. There are as many food delivery or recommendation apps as there are coffee shops in downtown Toronto.

Online food delivery is a $1.5 billion industry in Canada. And it’s growing.

UberEats, SkipTheDishes, and GrubHub are the grande apps driving these trends, but each faces the same pitfalls… They don’t know what you want.

But now, there’s a solution set to end the outings and date nights of I don’t knows. Its name is Tossdown.

Back in 2010, Shahzeb Rizvi and Omair Bangash were two friends working in business development alongside restauranteurs. In speaking with restaurant owners, the duo learned that there exists a vast wealth of customer information that sadly goes unused or uncollected. This vital data could propel restaurants and engage customers, but instead, it sits in the corner gathering dust.

End the food fight. Eat what you want with Tossdown., Altitude Accelerator

What is Tossdown?

Tossdown is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that improves restaurant owner reach to customers and customers incentive to visit restaurants.

The unique app acts more like a two-sided CRM for restaurants — serving the best interests of both restaurants and its customers.

On the business end, the app performs white-label solutions, creates websites and apps, profiles, defines menus, social media campaigns, and on top of all this, targets audience based on information collected.

On the user end—what Rizvi calls the “foodies”—Tossdown lets them find the best deals and learn what’s happening at restaurants they enjoy or are curious to try.

Why Tossdown?

Being a CRM, Tossdown can match specific rewards and promotions specific to your unique tastes.

Maybe you’re a pizza lover and only eat spinach-mushroom deep-dish. UberEats and SkipTheDishes don’t know this. They may offer you a promotion for a sushi restaurant because it’s a featured place. Instead of getting a $5 voucher for sushi, with Tossdown, your rewards and coupons will go towards your favourite pizza place.

“We’re not just throwing deals at you… We match deals to your choices, behaviour, and preferences…”

End the food fight. Eat what you want with Tossdown., Altitude Accelerator

Currently, Tossdown operates as a mobile app for foodies, which they can download from Google Play or the App Store. The app’s ingenuity comes from its built-in tracking algorithms — which can track customer searches and orders to serve their food interests better. And of course, in the app, customers can fill out a profile complete with their preferences.

Tossdown also features a heat map — graphics that locates potential interested customers nearby and offers them incentives and deals to come through the doors.

Now and in the Future

Today, there are over 90,000 restaurant businesses in Canada. Many of these restaurants are smaller mom-and-pop shops that are strapped for funds. A delicatessen owner might not have the means to pay and advertise their services and acquire consumer information. Tossdown is a cost-effective solution for smaller- and medium-sized businesses to target its customers.

End the food fight. Eat what you want with Tossdown., Altitude Accelerator

Today, the Tossdown team validates its platform every day. For the future, Rizvi and Bangash continue to refine the automation behind their service and add new functionalities. They want to create the most simple and efficient experience for restauranteurs and foodies.

And as Rizvi admits, “We’re very enthusiastic that customers are lining up and loving the system.”

Food is already such a large industry and is only growing. Tossdown is here to stay as their platform will enable superior customer engagement for restaurants and its customers.

With Tossdown, you can ensure your night ends with a bon appétit.

Tossdown Meets the Altitude Accelerator

Tossdown joined the Altitude Accelerator Incubator in February 2018. As a full-time tenant in the Incubator Program, Tossdown gained access to many resources. Two of the biggest resources, as Rizvi says, are access to funding via public government grants and private investors. The Altitude Accelerator supports startups with a team of over 100 business advisors and experts, access to funding & world-class advanced manufacturing facilities, and a network of industry partners.

“Having an Entrepreneur-in-Residence like Paul Barter is huge for us — his guidance has strengthened our business strategy…”

Altitude Accelerator provides mentorship via Entrepreneurs-In-Residence — acclaimed experts in fields from CleanTech to IoT with extensive marketing and business development backgrounds.

“The Altitude Accelerator is the whole package.”