Behance Portfolio Review Night in Brampton Saturday, November 8th

Brampton Behance Reviews

The idea of the Behance Portfolio Review night is to bring together the designer community in Brampton and provide guidance and feedback to one another. Industry professionals look over the work of up-and-coming designers, artists, and photographers in order to impart knowledge, scout talent, and network.

Brampton’s first Behance Portfolio Review Night will kick off with a keynote presentation by Robleh Jama, founder of Tiny Hearts. The talk will shed light on how he turned his interest for creativity, education and technology into a career. Next, audience members with portfolios of their work will break out into groups where group leaders look at the work and provide feedback. To close things out, everyone is invited to enjoy snacks, hang out, and mingle.

Registration is free!


ROBLEH JAMA – / @robjama

Robleh Jama is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for education, design and play. In 2010, Robleh founded the company Tiny Hearts, a series of family-friendly educational applications, which went on to produce the award winning application Pocket Zoo™. Pocket Zoo™ went on to become a top 50 app on Apple’s App Store and number one in the education category. Prior to this, Robleh co-founded the successful niche online social network, Sneakerplay, which received a variety of mainstream attention from top tier brands like Nike, Adidas, EA Sports and Footlocker. Tiny Hearts has received press coverage from the New York Times, Wired Magazine and popular tech blogs like Techcrunch.



A designer that loves to lead, conceptualize and design user interfaces, experiences and brands. Ahmed is forever a student of knowledge and his journey in design continues to fascinate others as he challenges himself to learn about product design, interaction design and user experience on top of his current UI, web, print and branding design skill set.

DANIEL FRANCAVILLA – / @francavilla

As Creative Director of Now Creative Group, Daniel works with a team of creative and business professionals to provide Design, Digital, Marketing and Media services to startups, businesses and non-profits. Moreover, after traveling to developing countries, Daniel founded ACCESS, an organization to help children in the developing world receive an education and to empower local youth to become leaders.

OLIVIA VIOLA – / @theoliviaviola

As a young flourishing designer, Olivia is always searching for ways to diversify herself in the world of media. She is a fresh graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University, being one of the first to recieve the institution’s Bachelor degree. Hungry for experience she immediately took her initiative to the creative teams of Inventa and Now Creative. Olivia is always excited to further develop her skills, technique and love for creation in the field of advertising.

HARPREET ZINGH – / @harpreetZingh

As LAB-B’s co-founder Harpreet is constantly wearing the hat of creative strategy and development. Fostering an environment where he gets the opportunity to help those around him is what keeps him going and he is always looking for ways to help creatives be the best that they can be. Winner of Startup Weekend Peel 2014, he accredits his success to his famed motto, “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.”

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