DRAM Innovations’ Nozzle Making a Buzz

d9fc17f32b375e9eeed63a6c2d3200a4_LWith innovation comes the possibility of bettering the present and future state of our environment and planet. Engineering firm DRAM Innovations vehemently pursues these ideals, maintaining a strong vision to design and manufacture technologies that will have a positive impact in the world.

Their first product is a Dripless Fuel nozzle, the ND-1, which aims at eliminating fuel drops at the source. They have designed a way to retain these drops, which would then be recycled for the next customer to use. Whilst this may seem a small amount, the accumulated global loss of fuel due to these drops is approximately half a billion litres every year. The product was featured on the popular television showDragon’s Den in 2012. Since then, DRAM has gone from strength to strength.

In 2013, DRAM Innovations have made unyielding progress. The company completed an exclusive testing agreement with OPW, a global industry leader in nozzle manufacturing. They also received FedDev funds through McMaster University, and from there developed a Proof-of-Concept model of a Drip-less nozzle. This was then successfully integrated into an OPW 11 Series nozzle and a Husky nozzle, both of which are industry leaders in nozzles.They have also hired a McMaster Masters of Design Engineering student, and are continuing to work in collaboration with McMaster University to support the development of DRAM technology.

“As a McMaster alumni, having done two major industrial projects during my undergrad I have come to realize how important real-world experience is while studying,” says DRAM CEO Devin Ramphal. “Collaboration between universities and start-up companies are an excellent way of providing real-world experience to students. These types of collaborations are a win-win situation for everyone. Students gain valuable industry experience, the start-ups benefit from the additional support for their business and the university benefits from exposure and involvement within the community.” With this approach, DRAM hopes to continue to connect students with the industry with first-hand experience. “This year DRAM is looking to further bridge the gap between universities and start-ups by providing more opportunities for industry projects to university students.”

Unlike other, more specialized technological innovators, DRAM prides itself on being broad thinkers and open learners. They are diverse, endeavoring to become experts in a vast array of fields, which would ultimately allow them to strive in numerous environments. The Altitude Accelerator has helped DRAM since its inception in 2012. Entrepreneur-in-residence Tim Scott has provided thorough support through crucial points in DRAM’s business, advising them on how to proceed.

DRAM is continuing to make great strides for the future. They have been approved to receive further FedDev funds and have had their intellectual property examined by an industry leader. These steps are helping DRAM achieve their goals in technological innovation and global improvement.

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