Doom & Gloom or a Market of Exponential Growth?

By: Marilee Fehr

Environmental security (the impact of human conflict and international relations on the environment), once a positive topic has since become a convoluted dark debate, ridden with blame, and controversy.

The marred history stems from Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, stating that we would decrease our 1990 greenhouse gas levels to an average of 5% over the five-year period 2008-2012. We failed and the federal government withdrew completely from the agreement. On the flip side, Statistics Canada reported in 2000-2004 that residential waste production has increased a staggering 2.1 million tones (19%)!

As our landfills near capacity and new sites become increasingly scarce, governments will look to quick fixes to keep the constituents appeased. From the impending oil crisis to our growing global footprint, the list of diverse environmental concerns seems never ending.

Our dilemma as a society is that the cost to maintain a similar level of comfort for generations to come needs to match the growing demands for sustainability and environmental reclaim.

Looking at the challenge as an opportunity; this global problem is actually a potential and reliable global market. Our expansive list of diverse environmental concerns is actually a stepping stone, a market tool, and applicable to nearly every business. Sustainable, cost-effective, clean solutions will attract civilians and governments alike.

As an example close to home, the Ontario government is promoting environmental choices by pricing green electricity at only 11 cents per kilowatt. Many of RIC’s client entrepreneurs are gaining industry traction by developing sustainable products and solutions. Tyromer Inc., a tire recycling company with a unique devulcanization technology was announced winner of our first Recycling Idol competition which featured four innovative technologies in the tire and plastic recycling space chosen from a pool of over 40 applicants.

The Greenable Technology Group is another example of an emerging company with all these attributes. They have the ability to give our landfills back to the environment. What’s good for the environment can also make good business sense. It’s time we all step up to support sustainability in our business ideas.

Marilee is a Altitude Accelerator Intern, working in Market Research. She is currently finishing her last year of a BSc, in Biology for Health Sciences and Psychology at the University of Toronto in Mississauga. She is strongly interested in the application of marketing and psychology in the world of biology.

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