Deutscher Technologiedienst Searching for Technical Solutions

On behalf of a client, the Deutsche Technologiedienst is looking for technical solutions, innovative approaches or techniques to:

“eliminate odors when loading the dishwasher.”

Technical background / general description

(Keywords: chemistry, food chemistry, biochemistry, bacteriology, VOC, odor)

In many households in which a dishwasher is used regularly, one often encounters unpleasant odors while loading the machine (i.e. between emptying it and starting the next cleaning cycle). Used crockery and glassware etc, covered in food residues, is an ideal feeding ground for germs and
bacteria. The bacterial processes create the unsavory smells. The householder could use cleaning agents or detergents to combat the problem, but this is normally only a temporary solution that just attempts to hide the smell.

Description of the required technology

The householder would be less uncomfortable if the odors that arise when loading the dishwasher were eliminated. So far, the ability of active carbon and ozone to eliminate odors has been investigated. Ozone has already been put to use, but none of the alternatives are particularly satisfactory or definitive, as the odor is not actually eliminated, just altered. The odors in dishwashers have so far been classified into the following groups:

  • sulfur compounds (e.g. dimethyl disulfide)
  • organic acids (e.g. butyric acid)
  • aldehydes (e.g. nonadienals)
  • aromatic compounds (e.g. para-cresols)
  • aromatic and aliphatic heterocyclic compounds (e.g. 2, 3, 5-Trimethylpyrazine)
  • ketone (e.g. 1-Octene 3-on)
  • terpene (e.g. 1, 8 Cineol)
  • alcohols (e.g. ethanol, butanol)

On behalf of a client, the Deutsche Technologiedienst GmbH is looking for technical solutions, innovative approaches and techniques to eliminate the unpleasant odors experienced while loading the dishwasher.

System specifications

  • Reduction of odor to a barely perceptible level
  • Maintenance-free
  • Approx. 10 year service life (like the dishwasher itself)
  • No residues or other effects on the washing up in the machine
  • No inherent smell
  • Easy to integrate
  • Autonomous system – no need to switch on or add cleaning agents etc.
  • Cheap
  • Not sensitive to water and steam

Potential forms of cooperation

The following forms of cooperation are conceivable:

  • Applied R&D cooperation with research institutes and / or companies
  • Further development of existing odor elimination techniques
  • Further development of an existing principle – the first prototype / sample should be available within 6 to 12 months.

Please get in touch with the project manager, Mrs. Sandra Trappolin, by mail: or by phone: 0049-8215086114 for more information.

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