Deutscher Technologiedienst Searching Flexible Aesthetic Surface Customization Tech

On behalf of a client, the Deutscher Technologiedienst is looking for R&D partners and technology providers in the field of:

“New process technologies for the very flexible “aesthetic” surface customization of plastic, metal or glass surfaces”

General background of inquiry

The background for this tech inquiry is the increasing customer demand for individualized products. The current market situation for consumer products is changing from “standardized” mass products to the point of customized or individualized products. Therefore there is an increasing need in consumer product industry for new, very flexible and “customizable process/ production technologies”. The new make-to-order process technologies and concepts should enable “mass product customization” on customer demand, ideally customizable from piece-to-piece and/or product-to-product.

Description of the sought after production technologies for surface customization

The aim of this inquiry is to identify R&D partners and technology providers for surface technologies, allowing individualized aesthetic surface customization in consumer product mass production. Partners who could provide process technologies with high potential for further developments in this direction are of interest, too.

Main objective: Development and/or integration of new aesthetic surface customization technologies for consumer products enabling product individualization from product-to-product (one-to-one).

Read more about the inquiry here

Please get in touch with project manager, Mr. Florian Strehle, by mail: or by phone: 0049 – 821 ­508 61 12, if you have more questions.

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