Yours is a company that needs introduce innovations essential to survival and pivotal to continued success.  It’s is called corporate intrapreneurship.  It is the reintroduction of the entrepreneurial spirit required to embrace and harness the disruptive processes and technologies that are a threat but could become a strategic advantage.

At the Altitude Accelerator we will help identify technologies that can benefit your existing business. Sometimes it’s through direct implementation.  Often it happens when we connect you with early stage companies that have solutions you don’t yet know you need.  We are your window on the startup world.

Adopting an innovative mindset gives corporations:

  • The agility to stay ahead in the marketplace
  • The skills to leverage the creativity of your team to generate new ideas
  • A chance to observe startups in action and
  • The power to stay ahead of the curve on technology in your industry

Altitude Accelerator works with you to develop a custom approach to support your company’s intrapreneurship goals. Interested in discussing how Altitude Accelerator can work with you? For more information, get in touch with Pam Banks, Altitude Accelerator’s Executive Director, at 289.373.3050 x 202 or