ColdBlock Technologies Launches Revolutionary Sample Analysis Process that Rocks the Mining World

By: Susan Vecera

Mining is a necessary part of today’s world, but what if the sample analysis of the minerals was greener, produced fewer toxins and was more efficient?

ColdBlockColdBlock Technologies co-inventors Ron Emburgh and Ravi Kanipayor have answered those questions with their revolutionary way to process mining samples for analysis. ColdBlock Technologies relies on short-wave infrared radiation to dissolve solid matter instead of heating the acid solution to dissolve the matter; a technique that has proven to be faster, more accurate and more environmentally friendly.

Receiving support from the government, academia and the Altitude Accelerator, ColdBlock Technologies unveiled its patented technology at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) meeting in March. Reaction to the technology was tremendous and industries aside from mining are interested in ColdBlock Technologies’ sample analysis technology.

Building on the momentum of the PDAC launch, ColdBlock Technologies has a busy year ahead. This month, ColdBlock Technologies will open its demo lab at Bio Linc at Brock University and deliver its first prototype to Barrick Gold. Currently they are brokering a Build In Canada Incentive Program contract, where the Canadian Government will be one of ColdBlock Technologies first customers while providing feedback on product performance.

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“Being part of the Altitude Accelerator Business Incubator program is truly a gift,” says Nick Kuryluk, ColdBlock Technologies CEO. “If you can make it into the program you have access to all these resources – a mentor, formal review sessions, business space and you are part of a curriculum that keeps your business on track.”

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