CLUES: Providing Tools for Empowerment

By Kristie Robertson

You’ve probably taken a personality profiling test before. They come in several forms and are designed to seek out an individual’s temperament, decision-making methods, and skills. This information is usually used to help individuals make informed decisions about their career paths.

While studying business and marketing, Julie Murphy, CEO and president of CLUES, encountered many kinds of profiling tools.

“It was always great. You understood a little bit more about yourself, but I could never remember what anyone else got. And there wasn’t any ongoing actionable advice that you could use on a day to day basis,” Julie says.

Her frustration with the lack of comparative data typical profiling tests provide prompted her to advance the idea for CLUES, a cloud-based personality profiling tool, with the help of a program developer and a professional psychologist.

CLUES consists of forty-four questions from Jungian theory and takes approximately 11 minutes to complete. After analyzing the quiz-taker’s answers, the program generates real-time advice based on the quiz-taker’s strengths and weaknesses. Because the profile is attached to an email address, the quiz-taker’s results can be plugged into any given social unit, so long as the other members of the unit have completed the test as well. With this capability, CLUES enables its users to optimize relationships between couples, family members and co-workers.

CLUES is particularly valuable for its ability to allow parents to understand and work with their child in more advantageous ways.

“I was a single parent with three teenagers and it was hard to relate to them. I found myself thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great if I understood them a little more? Then I could help them out a little better.’ I wanted CLUES to help with this,” Julie explains.

CLUES compares the parents’ attributes with their child’s and offers advice based on their similarities and differences. Note that if a child is under the age of thirteen, a parent will have to take the test for them. Even so, the quiz only needs to be taken once. As each quiz-taker becomes involved in different situations, the report takes the results from their profile and adapts its advice accordingly. In other words, CLUES grows as you grow and supplies relevant advice depending on where you are in your life.

CLUES has only been with RIC since July, but has been advancing significantly. Julie is currently working on her sales materials and expanding her sales plan with the help of her RIC advisor.

“RIC’s been incredible!” Julie says. “They introduced me to people who’ve helped move my business along. They’ve also given me some insight into my product. For example, I had a little round table with some of the younger RIC people. I’ve modified workshops and some of CLUES’ content according to what they’ve said.”

These ongoing workshops have been developed for university students as well the business community. In November, an exciting workshop specifically for women is to take place.

“We thought it would be neat to give women some tools they can use to break through that glass ceiling because, even though numbers are getting better—in universities, as you know, more than 50 percent of students are women—it’s still hard to get to that CEO or senior management position. Only 6 percent of businesses in Canada have women as CEOs,” Julie explains.

CLUES is working with a nutritionist to prepare this workshop. Linking in nutrition will not only help women feel more energized, it will also inspire healthier mental activity and life perspectives, bolstering confidence in women from the inside out.

“I’m very passionate about making sure people have the tools…we live in a tech age, but these devices are only facilitators,” Julie says. “It’s really all about how you connect with people, how you’re happy, how you’ve achieved your goals—whatever those goals are. And we don’t have a enough tools, I believe, for that to happen in a pleasant way.”

Julie is set on changing that.

You can find out more about CLUES at

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