Cleantech at Altitude: Investing in Our Planet

Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Cleantech at Altitude: Investing in Our Planet

Cleantech is a $2.5 Trillion market. The time is now.
To be a startup founder requires boundless energy, drive, and passion. To be a cleantech startup founder requires the belief that your innovation has the potential to leave our earth a better place for future generations.
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator
Cleantech Sector Expertise

Since 2008, Altitude Accelerator has been helping cleantech entrepreneurs in a variety of industries succeed by providing expert advice, programs, and connections to capital – to grow faster, stronger, commercialize products, and scale quickly.

Advanced Manufacturing
Solar Power
Air & Water Purification
Electric Vehicles
Alternative Proteins
Waste Management

In the News: Recent Client Success Stories
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

CHAR Technologies Closes $4.89 Million Private Placement  — March 21, 2022

Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Li-Cycle and Glencore Enter into Long-Term Commercial Agreements and Close Glencore $200 Million Investment in Li-Cycle —  June 1, 2022 

Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator Launches CleanAir as a Service Technology for the Hotel Industry —  June 1, 2022

Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator
Funding Your Startup

Our 8-week intensive Investor Readiness program is designed for raising capital with direct feedback from active investors and personal introductions to angel and VC networks.  

As an official partner of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) many of our cleantech startups have received grants that helped them start and scale-up.  

Altitude’s official business advisory partner Scan Consulting Group works 1:1 with clients to decide which type of funding – from small business loans to government grants, angel investors, and VCs – is the right funding for your company – short and long-term.

Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

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Cleantech Network Partners

As we work with startups to bring incredible innovations to market – and invest in the future of our planet – it is through these time-tested and relationship-driven partnerships that enable us to help startups accelerate, get to market, and scale quickly.

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SDTC’s Seed funding supports promising early-stage Canadian entrepreneurs with one-time grants of $50,000 to $100,000 for innovative technological projects that produce sustainability benefits in the areas of climate change, the circular economy, and people, communities and nature. 

 Partnering with Canadian accelerators and other entrepreneurial service organizations across Canada, SDTC works to identify the entrepreneurs who will become tomorrow’s sustainability change leaders. 

Potential applicants must be nominated by one of SDTC’s approved accelerator partners (Altitude Accelerator is a designated accelerator partner), must be a Canadian company, have raised at least $100k in private equity funding from accredited investors (not including founders, friends or family) within the last 12 months, and be developing a technology with the potential to generate clear and broad sustainability benefits. 

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Many cleantech solutions require advanced technical and chemistry support. Freqently the equipment required and the experienced talent is expensive. GreenCentre Canada works with startups to solve these challenges, together.  

GreenCentre Canada’s mission is to accelerate promising chemistry solutions that advance both the economy and the environment.   

GreenCentre provides chemistry development services to small companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large and medium-sized corporations.  

GreenCentre offers two state-of-the-art lab facilities, with a team of highly experienced chemists and business professionals who work closely with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, and researchers, to help them succeed. 

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Created in 2022, the Centre for Community Energy Transformation (CCET) is an action-oriented not-for-profit, community-based organization focused on accelerating communities within Peel as they move towards a low-carbon future.    

CCET focuses on four key priorities: 1) advancing deep home retrofits; 2) encouraging district energy; 3) spurring industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI energy efficiency; and 4) promoting outreach and engagement related to climate change. 

CCET will serve as a critically important partner and marketing platform to ensure coordinated communication and success. 

CCET was established by the City of Brampton, in partnership with the Region of Peel, Sheridan College, City of Mississauga, and Town of Caledon  

Cleantech Advisors

We are experts in cleantech with a proven track record of success. Our team is here to help you succeed as you grow and scale.  

James 2 139x150, Altitude Accelerator

James Sbrolla

Entrepreneur in Residence & Cleantech Domain Expert
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Geoff Simonett

Entrepreneur in Residence & President at Pinelands Capital
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Angela Bourne

Entrepreneur in Residence & Marketing and PR Expert
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Paul Barter

Entrepreneur in Residence, MBA Professor & AI Expert
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Richard Szudy

Environmental Business Expert
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Rick Findlay

Cleantech Specialist Advisor
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Lyle Clarke

Principal at StrategyCo Canada
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Nick Iozzo

President at DPM Energy Inc
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Neil Peet

Principal at GreenSky Capital Inc.

Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

James Alden

Chief Executive Officer at Oreka Solutions
Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Moien Giashi

Investment Associate at GreenSky Capital

Altitude Accelerator: Cleantech, Altitude Accelerator

Shirley Speakman

Senior Partner Cycle Capital

Meet Our Cleantech Superheroes

"Altitude Accelerator is more than a service - it is a responsive entity that is committed to promoting technological innovations and getting them to market."
“Altitude Accelerator has a great support system for entrepreneurs. Pam, specifically, has been instrumental in introducing SpaceRyde to the Canadian space community which has led to SpaceRyde being the first company in MDA’s LaunchPad program and receiving support from this great Canadian space company.”
"Working with Altitude helped our founding team refine our business model, redefine our product market fit, and grow to where we are today."

Altitude Accelerator Programs

Any industry, any stage: we have a program for you. Applications for the next Investor Readiness and Incubator 18 cohort are open. 

Altitude Accelerator’s flagship incubator program is for innovative tech solutions looking to scale. Our 6-month intensive helps you build your market traction to set you up for accelerated growth and future investment.

The incubator program offers access top-tier mentors and advisors, expert-led workshops, and peer support today. Applications for our 18th cohort now open until August 31st, 2022.

For Cleantech startups, note that Altitude Accelerator is a verified SDTC accelerator partner for the SDTC fund program.

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It takes more than a good idea and a compelling story to raise money. 

Our Investor Readiness Program is an exclusive, 8-week program offering for high potential technology startups looking to raise a seed round. We are unique in our hands-on approach and investor matching processes. 

Our next cohort will start in September 2022. Applications are being accepted.

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A new self-directed learning module for early-stage startup founders who are looking to test their new business idea – from problem identification to market sizing, customer persona development, competitive analysis, and more. 

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