Changing the Property Management Industry forever through the use of technology


By: Paul Selva Raj

Managing tenants is always a challenge whether it’s just one or many thousand tenants. Regardless, the management process is the foundation of any solid property management and real estate business. Property Vista Software Inc. strives to provide managers with an improved and solidified foundation through the use of technology.

Property Vista Software Inc. offers property owners, managers and landlords Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web-based solutions, including resident portals, automated rental payments and online marketing toolsamongst many other tools. The suite of products is specifically designed to manage every aspect of the customer lifecycle, from lead-generation (finding potential clients) to lease renewals (satisfying and retaining clients).

Currently, traditional software is charged on a per user basis and is generally price prohibitive. On the other hand, Property Vista’s clever pricing model adopts a volume approach to provide its software for a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, Property Vista utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS) Property Management software to provide a resident portal for free to property managers and enhance their service offerings at a fraction of the price of current software providers, all while being browser agnostic. Everything within the platform is modular and allows various managers to choose the products that they need to use, while the software is designed for ultimate convenience and full integration with smartphones.

The RIC centre helped Property Vista gain some valuable feedback by working with their experienced advisors. In addition, RIC facilitated the introduction to a York University study program to help identify growth and adoption potential of Property Vista in the real estate market. RIC has been a steadfast partner to Property Vista and has been instrumental in popularizing it to the public. This is a great example of the reciprocal relationship between business incubators and their clients.

Throughout 2013, Property Vista launched various online applications, Credit Check Automation, and various upgrades around User Experience. Property Vista now has many new customers that now include some of Canada’s largest Property Management Companies like Greenwin. They have also expanded the team and added further development resources in addition to processing millions of dollars a month in rent.

In the future, Property Vista aims to continue and expand development to more mainstream, mid-sized Property Management Companies, including Condominium Management. They also look to make inroads into the US Property development market. True to their ambitious nature, Property Vista looks to hire more developers and a sales team by raising its Series ‘A’ funding. This will allow them to gain a firm foothold in the real estate and property management market in North America.

As Leonard Drimmer, CEO of Property Vista says, “Rapid adoption of Smartphone​ ​technology and changing expectations about​ ​service expectations has accelerated ​​demand for on-line transactions​– instantly and at any time of the ​​​resident’s choosing. Property Vista is there to facilitate this change.”

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