Building a web presence

By Radi Hindawi

You hire a graphic consultant to develop a web presence for your company. After months of investing your resources and time and even more months of overcoming obstacles and solving arising issues, your website is finally complete. You successfully post it online under your personalized URL address and wait for the hoards of new business and clients but they do not come.

In the cluttered world of web pages and online information, simply having a webpage is no longer sufficient. This should, instead, be complemented by additional web optimization tools that can raise the profile and awareness of your site across the World Wide Web. The web optimization process is a completely different process and requires a completely different approach that the design one.

Web optimization is the process of building traffic on your site. Web optimization allows you to link your site with unique keywords, labels and other features that will be directly associated to your page during a user’s search. Ultimately this process will lead to an increase in awareness for your site and an increase in visitors to your pages.

Web optimization can be made up of various different tools and it is important to understand each of these tools and how they can be properly leveraged to increase your online presence:

1. Building Attachments

Websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook allow you to publish your website’s URL within other websites, increasing it’s accessibility.

2. Search Optimization

Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and Ask Jeeves, are great sites for you to submit your URL to various search engines and online directories. This will help boost your search optimization every time an individual links into your site.

3. Blog Development

Blogs are great tools that can help introduce and attract various users to your site. They allow you to communicate directly with your client base online.

4. Directory Navigation

Another area, which tends to be forgotten, is that of directories. Directories filter your website into various categories allowing more users to directly connect to you online.

Each of the tools mentioned above require a significant amount of time, effort and patience. However the outcomes of these efforts significantly positive and, as a result, can generate increased visitors to your site and build a powerful positive image for not just your website, but also the company itself.

Radi Hindawi is a fourth year Digital Enterprise Specialist student at the University of Toronto. Radi has extensive experience in web development and design and currently runs his own company, Innovations Canada.

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