Bryan Duarte: Empowering Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future

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by Mikaela Cunha

Bryan Duarte is a seasoned social venturist, impact investor, entrepreneur, and licensed professional engineer. Duarte is Altitude Accelerator’s newest Entrepreneur-in-Residence. He has cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood, having initiated his first business venture at the age of 9 by selling golf balls. With over three decades in the energy sector, Duarte sees energy as the driving force propelling individuals and organizations towards growth.

Drawing from his extensive engineering background, Duarte’s perspective evolved over his career, recognizing climate change as a people-centered challenge. He believes that the solutions for a more sustainable future lie within the collective capabilities of individuals, teams, and communities.

Duarte’s interest in cleantech drove him to become the founder and CEO of Enliten, a company dedicated to assisting organizations transition their facilities through sustainable solutions. He also co-founded BlackTech Capital, a pre-seed fund rooted in his core values of love, integrity, and transparency. Emphasizing equal opportunities for all, BlackTech Capital gained global recognition as one of the World Economic Forum’s most innovative investment funds for the future, dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs with a focus on people and the planet.

During this time, he collaborated with innovation centers, discovering his passion for nurturing the growth of early-stage companies. Duarte is committed to providing support, aiming to guide entrepreneurs as they gain traction. He asserts that many innovative solutions remain undiscovered when segments of the population are limited from equal opportunities.

Grounded in his core values, Duarte is committed to supporting underrepresented founders, to help them realize their dreams, recognizing the unique perspectives and resilience that shape these founders, that can help them overcome challenges towards financial success. BlackTech Capital ensures underrepresented founders receive crucial funding, particularly in the early stages. To him, successful sustainability is tied to connecting with and supporting founders who will forge the solutions to overcome technological barriers.

Understanding the personal challenges faced by entrepreneurs, Duarte brings a unique perspective to Altitude, and firmly believes that love for the planet and its inhabitants is the key to shaping a sustainable future. In his spare time, Duarte likes to spend time outdoors, sailing amidst some good winds and warm waters, preferably in the British Virgin Islands, that offers an ideal climate and prime snorkeling spots.

Connect with Bryan Duarte, seasoned expert on climate technology and strong advocate of social equity. We welcome Bryan to our team at Altitude in his pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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