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Spring flowers were destined to be destroyed in light of the global pandemic., a local farmer online produce network and In Charge financial teamed up to respond.

Spring Valley Gardens had close to 50K flowerpots, that were going to otherwise be destroyed as their season runs from end of March to Mid-May. This was the first time they were not able to sell all their product due to Covid. Farm247 historically sourced flowers from them for their online marketplace. In Charge and Farm247 then coordinated the delivery details to healthcare facilities across Southern Ontario.

Many of the hospitals, unfortunately, weren’t able to take the donation due to contagious disease risk. Fortunately, some hospitals designed very clear delivery standards to reduce risk for all staff and patients. A total of 2000+ flowerpots were delivered to across 5 healthcare facilities. “This means so much to our staff who are working so hard during these trying times.” – Oakville Hospital

“It brings us great joy to bring a smile to those supporting our community in during a challenging heath crisis” says InCharge Founder Shalicia Harris. Even though that number is relatively small compared to the supply, the hospitals were very happy to receive the donation to the healthcare workers during this time.  “Our staff’s lives were brightened when they received the flowers from Spring Valley Gardens.” -Milton Hospital

Quang Nguyen, Farm247 founder commented “We were very pleased we could in a small way help the farmers and brighten the healthcare workers in a meaningful way.” is a Altitude Accelerator client and active participant in the REVup Startup Program. was founded by a group of passionate individuals who care about local people and the environment, we want to build a lively community around local farms and deliver its treasures to local consumers.

SpringValleyGardens family owned and operated with two locations in Niagara. Providing quality floral products with the highest standard in customer service.

InCharge personalized and simple financial advice. Making it easy to be in charge of your financial health.

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