Baylis Medical

01f1a05053c6242fcfa23075e5b963c1_LBaylis Medical specializes in  high-tech cardiology, pain management, and radiology products

Founded in 1986 by registered nurse Gloria Baylis, Baylis Medical initially focused on the importation and distribution of medical products. When Gloria’s son, Frank and his friend Kris Shah joined the company, they decided to expand by developing electrosurgical devices for the treatment of medical ailments, such as chronic pain, blocked arteries and defective hearts.

One of their newest products, the NRG Transseptal Needle, is quickly becoming a gold standard for physicians around the world, as it provides safe and predictable left-atrium heart access. This transseptal approach is central in the minimally invasive treatment of cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythms).

Over the last few decades, Baylis Medical has grown across Canada and has marketed their products in over 60 countries. Their skill set and knowledge has allowed them to become a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art medical products.

By attending the RIC centre’s monthly Growing Your Business breakfast meetings, Baylis Medical has continued to stay abreast of changes in patent law, IT and licensing agreements that have an impact on the development of new technologies.

“They’re great for education and networking,” says Kris. “The RIC’s entrepreneur in residence also provides us with high-level special guidance on how to commercialize our technologies.”

Innovation will always be the key to their success. “That’s the essence of what we are,” says Frank. “In addition to the innovation in our products, we are innovative in our manufacturing processes and logistics, which in turn allow us to compete with low-cost manufacturing centres elsewhere in the world.”

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