Altitude’s Clients Make Top 100 Tech Companies List for 2022 on FoundersBeta

Altitude Banners (1)

Altitude Banners (1)

Altitude Accelerator is a not-for-profit innovation hub and business incubator that has proven its abilities to foster growth for innovative companies.

In helping them exponentially grow faster, Altitude ensures that their clients are prepared to scale and can effectively meet all of their goals.

Our team is excited to announce that a number of our clients have made the ‘Top 100 Tech Companies List for 2022’ on FoundersBeta.

The companies and respective clients are disrupting the market and making waves with their business ideations.

We want to take a moment to spotlight our clients that have made this list:

  1. 1. Node
  2. 2. Hired Hippo
  3. 3. Dwellcome
  4. 4. Corl
  5. 5. Yourtable

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1. Node

The Node App allows you to connect with exciting brands and enjoy free products and experiences in exchange for posting content. Joining the community is easy, and Node connects brands with vetted influencers. Get free products and meals with only 3 clicks!

2. HiredHippo

HiredHippo is where growing startups meet top talent. They help make the job application process much smoother, as you are able to create an in-depth profile, outlining your experience and skills. Both companies and candidates will benefit from using this free and user-friendly platform.

3. Dwellcome

Dwellcome is an onboarding marketplace for welcoming new residents as they move into a new neighbourhood. The focus is on providing you with a tailored guide to meet your lifestyle needs. You can then transition into your new community with a lot of ease.

4. Corl

Corl is changing the way startups raise capital. They provide growth capital to the digital economy, ensuring businesses have fast, fair and flexible financing through revenue sharing.

5. Yourtable

Yourtable is passionate about food and technology as they deliver happiness, one table at a time. Using the Yourtable app, you can build relationships and friendships through eating and business networking. It’s Linkedin for food!

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