Altitude Accelerator Welcomes Rutuja Jori to the Team as the new Venture Services Manager

Rutuja Jori, Altitude's Venture Services Manager

By Rutuja Jori

Altitude Accelerator, Venture Services Manager

Rutuja holds two Masters degrees – an MBA in Marketing from Pune University, an MSc. in International Business from HEC Montreal and a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. She has 6+ years of experince working with B2B clients and entrepreneurs across North America, Europe, India and Japan in development of their strategic initiatives. Her expertise lies in building relationships, understanding clients’ business needs, recommending innovative solutions and successfully managing complex projects.

Passionate about fostering innovation, she believes that entrepreneurs are the driving force behind transformative ideas that shape industries and change lives. As a Venture Services Manager at Altitude, her mission is clear: to empower entrepreneurs, connect them with the right resources, and amplify their voices. She is deeply committed to unlocking the full potential of our innovation ecosystem and build a future where innovation thrives, opportunities abound, and Canadian entrepreneurs lead the way.

She believes in the potential to learn something new lies in every conversation, all places traveled, and in every new experience. She absolutely thrives on engaging in intellectual discussions, whether it’s exploring the impact of smart technologies in our daily lives or envisioning how they will shape our future. These conversations fuel her curiosity and passion for understanding the world around us. Feel free to dive into these fascinating topics with her, as she welcomes the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore the possibilities together.

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