Altitude Accelerator Presents Startups Transformed: Scaling to New Heights, a Podcast

Startups Transformed Podcast Artwork

Startups Transformed Podcast Artwork

Altitude Accelerator’s core focus is around supporting startups and helping them scale to new heights. In our brand new podcast, Startups Transformed, we will be featuring entrepreneurial startups and profiling champions for the next generation of entrepreneurs. We will also cover how intermediaries like Altitude Accelerator can help these businesses scale. 

The path for a startup is rarely linear. Agility is one of the best assets for early companies allowing them to shift quickly to gain market opportunities.  Each episode of the Startups Transformed podcast explores the journey of a startup. We will hear some of the lessons learned, how the startups were formed, where they are today and what influenced their journey along the way. Topics will include customers, market changes, finances, fate and more.

“I am passionate about helping others. I was inspired to host the Startups Transformed podcast to tell the stories of our amazing Altitude Accelerator entrepreneurs, to share their struggles and successes and inspire future entrepreneurs to go after their dreams, and consider joining our successful startup tribes,” explained podcast host and Altitude Accelerator board member, Patrick McGuire. 

Listen to our first episode to get a full glimpse into what you can expect from the Startups Transformed podcast for the rest of the year and keep your eyes on our page for the release of each episode.

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