Wearable Tech: Shaping Realities

By Kristie Robertson Wearable technology isn’t a new phenomenon. We’ve seen Fitbits, Google Glass, PUSH and the recent Apple Watch. Even so, wearable technology has not yet been adopted on a mass scale. Why? When asked to predict the future of wearable technology in an interview with MaRS Discovery District, Tom Emrich, wearables expert, stated… Continue reading Wearable Tech: Shaping Realities

Temporal Power spinning renewable energy wheels

Source: Globe and Mail For centuries, spinning wheels have been used to store energy. That’s how potter’s wheels work, with the energy in the disk helping maintain a consistent velocity. Flywheels are also key components of steam engines, where they convert energy from pistons into consistent rotational motion. Even toy cars with friction motors make… Continue reading Temporal Power spinning renewable energy wheels