NIMTech introduces the SonicGauge™ NIMTech Inc. is an award-winning Canadian cleanTech company that designs applications for the renewables and petrochemical industries in hopes of solving significant observably and process control challenges. The company has developed a proprietary measurement technology that uses ultrasonics to provide a new level of non-invasive, real time, product analysis. This technology,… Continue reading NIMTech

Isobarex Corp.

Isobarex develops instruments to detect isotope tracers Established in 2008, Isobarex Corp. develops innovative analytical instruments to detect isotope tracers. These tracers are used in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drugs, and in the nuclear industry to improve the safety and security of public and industry workers. Measuring isotopes tracers with high accuracy involves a… Continue reading Isobarex Corp.

Temporal Power

Temporal Power receives investment of half a million dollars It was recently announced that Temporal Power received $500 000 in financing from the Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), a government funded program that is delivered by MaRS DD. IAF provides qualifying companies with capital to bring innovations in advanced materials and manufacturing, IT, clean technology and life sciences to market. Temporal… Continue reading Temporal Power


Intronix Technologies Inc. is an innovative Canadian life science company that designs and produces progressive electromyographic (EMG) systems for applications in the diagnosis and management of myofascial pain, spasticity, and fibromyalgia. Their injection guidance provide technology that drives clinical solutions to deliver confidence, improve workflow efficiency, and provide a better patient experience. Intronix Technologies is known for its… Continue reading Intronix

UCIT Online Security

UCIT Online Security provides innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions In 2003, Sidney Sommer created UCIT with the aim of providing businesses in remote locations with reliable and cost effective security systems. By eliminating the need for security guards and lowering the number of thefts at work sites, UCIT has helped businesses reduce their security… Continue reading UCIT Online Security

Brock researchers, tech company, develop “green,” rapid testing technology for mining samples

A Brock University research group and a Mississauga company have developed technology that dramatically speeds up testing of ores and minerals while preserving the environment. ColdBlock™ enables mining samples to be digested to measure the amounts of metal such as gold, silver or copper in as little as 15 minutes compared to up to 16 hours using conventional methods.… Continue reading Brock researchers, tech company, develop “green,” rapid testing technology for mining samples

Setting Up An Efficient Office Space

By Joanna Hughes Setting up an office offers entrepreneurs and small business owners the unique opportunity to design a space that meets their unique needs. Determining the difference between an essential investment and an unnecessary expense can seem overwhelming, but maintaining awareness of your business’s specific needs will help you make the most effective strategic… Continue reading Setting Up An Efficient Office Space

Protecting shoppers privacy opens niche for Physicalytics

March 24, 2014 Toronto-based startup Physicalytics Inc. is profiled in the Financial Post. Their brand message is to be the ethical alternative to more invasive competitors when dealing with client information. Physicalytic’s clients own all of their data and are the only ones with access. “It’s not a secret anymore that stores are doing this. The important… Continue reading Protecting shoppers privacy opens niche for Physicalytics