Supply, Demand, and the Market for Money: Rays of Hope

By Bryan Watson Capital for early-stage companies around the world has become much more scarce than it was a few years ago. To any entrepreneur looking for investment, this is absolutely no surprise and there are plenty of articles that speak of this. When investments from venture capital firms into companies in Q3 of 2009… Continue reading Supply, Demand, and the Market for Money: Rays of Hope

Can you handle the truth?

By Stephen Rhodes Do you talk to your customers, I mean really talk to them? Most of us in business would say we talk to our clients. We may even conduct online or in-store surveys. Bigger companies might employ a telemarketing firm to get customer feedback. Most of it is lip service, because we never… Continue reading Can you handle the truth?

“Buying In” to the numbers

By David Pasieka As an Angel Investor looking at an early stage opportunities I often have to roll up my sleeves and go into a Due Diligence exercise. Through this process, I warm up to the idea, I successfully poke at the technology and its patents, and I learn more about the leadership team and… Continue reading “Buying In” to the numbers

Valuation important in raising capital

By Andrew Maxwell In my last blog I talked about how specific entrepreneurial characteristics are linked to venture success and to an entrepreneur’s ability to attract money. In this blog, I will try and explain another factor investors consider when making their investment decision – company valuation. It often surprises entrepreneurs that experienced investors can… Continue reading Valuation important in raising capital

Listen to your Constituents

By Ken Sweeney After watching President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last week it reminded me of an important lesson in life and in business….always listen to your constituents! Whether it is your wife, your children, employees, customers or suppliers, it is important to listen and take their opinions into consideration. This time… Continue reading Listen to your Constituents